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The Printworks

The Printworks

This work consisted of the installation of 5 x 1000kva transformers, 5 x 6.6kv ring main units, and 5 x lv distribution boards.

All of the above equipment was sited in a basement sub-station. Due to operational difficulties on Long and Crawford hv RMU’s – it was decided to use also Merlin Gerin RMU’s in the system. Therefore 3 x Long and Crawford and 2 x Merlin Gerin RMU’s were used. Due to the different manufacturers of the RMU’s being used, all of the hv interconnector cables had to be taken outside the building and jointed in the highway. The transformers were linked to the lv boards by clusters of 7 x 400mm singles cables on overhead containment. All of the containment, cables and terminations were carried out by PN Daly Ltd.

The transformers were linked to the RMU’s by the installation of 5 x 95mm Accas cables on overhead containment, all installed and terminated by PN Daly Ltd. From the lv distribution boards – a mixture of 95mm, 185mm and 300mm lv cables were installed on containment installed by others, and were used to feed MOD 156 fuse units in group meter rooms. All MOD 156 units and terminations were by PN Daly Ltd.

The whole of the sub-station was pressure tested and commissioned by PN Daly Ltd.

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