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City of Manchester Stadium

City of Manchester Stadium

The City of Manchester Stadium was a high profile and very prestigious contract, which was very much in the public eye as it had to be ready for the Commonwealth Games and there was no room for error.

The same approach was adopted here as for the Trafford Centre and it worked very well with all deadlines being met.

The work itself consisted of:-

  • 2.0km HV ring with 4 subs from the UU primary
  • 2.0km 3 separate ducting systems each consisting of 4-way duct with 25 chambers
  • 1.5km 300mm DI in contaminated land
  • 1.5km 250/315mm MDPE gas

A notable feature of the work was the under slinging under a special canal bridge of 12-way ducting for electric cables, BT and internal comms and gas and water pipes.

This involved the use of a specially adapted cherry picker to provide the necessary flexibility to allow under bridge working.

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