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Industrial & Commercial

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Design, Install, Test & Commission:

Gas – Low to Intermediate Pressure Tiers (7 Bar)

Water – Potable, Fire + Sprinkler Options

Electric – Low Voltage to 33kV, Includes Primary Substations

Industry leading service on the largest utility and development projects

PN Daly Ltd is an expert supplier of utility design, engineering, construction, installation and technical services for the industrial and commercial sector. 

We have a wealth of experience and have been working for the leading utility companies and developers in the UK since 1966.

We provide the project management, engineering, design, technical and consultancy resources within our organisation which has enabled us to deliver market leading performance in the UK utilities market. 

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Some of the many valued clients we work with


Frodsham Wind Farm, Cheshire

One of England’s largest onshore generating stations with a capacity of more than 50MW.

Install 2 x 33kV substations for Scottish Power adoption comprising 33kV 5 and 3 panel boards.

Haydock Business Park

Dedicated project manager for the full project with gas, water and electric connections.

Residential area, informing and engaging with the public on disruption updates.

Kettering North, I & C

1.3km of 11kV EPR cable.

1.6km of HPPE water mains.

3km of PE gas mains including 3 connections and 5 substations.