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Environmental Management

PN Daly Environment

PN Daly Ltd endeavours to promote environmental best practice in all aspects of our work. This starts at the design/planning stage and continues throughout the life of the project. It ranges from full environmental impact studies, to liaison with client and local residents and to the determination of the most appropriate route and construction technique(s).

Simple approaches to re-timing of works in the vicinity of schools and places of worship can reduce the impact of our work considerably, with only minor increases in cost. Our preferred pipework installation techniques are directional drilling and insertion (slip-lining, close-fit lining and live insertion methods). With narrow trenching, they can considerably reduce the effect of our work on the environment. 

We aim to minimise disturbance and inconvenience to others, minimise landfill requirements for the disposal of waste by the promotion of no-dig techniques and minimise requirements for diminishing natural resources – principally fuel and aggregates.

We have achieved BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation across some of our activities.